This has been our dream for two years and FINALLY, we put pen to paper and now hammer to nail! (and hammer to wall, and floor, and ceiling, and the other ceiling…).

Fourteen days in and the demo and salvage work is nearly done. Quite the whirlwind!

Here is the “Pre” of our adventure. It’s the corner unit of a ~1900’s downtown Mobile, AL building.

(First image: From the front door, looking towards the back; Second: from the kitchen door, looking at the front door; Third: From the left side, looking at the bar area.)

2014-02-28 17.06.39

2014-02-28 17.08.42

2014-02-28 17.06.50

Our “archaeological” excavation discovered no less than three sets of ceilings, walls, and floors – a la matryoska dolls. As best we can determine, it’s been a number of restaurants, bars, and random office space.  With every renovation, they opted to build within rather than repair existing.

Nightmare? Nah.

For you non-reno geeks – this – this is THE DREAM. An underdog of a space with untold potential. And… original 14-foot high beadboard ceilings. That’s right. ORIGINAL.

Brian and my dad, Bruce – You guys are heroes!

Stay tuned – progress pix coming soon!